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29th Jan 22Mission EmployAble Comedy Night 7pm-11pm @ Chorleywood Memorial Hall - Tickets at https://missionemployable.co.uk/events.php


50 Club December

Posted by on Thu 9th December 2021
£100 Kevin O’Donnell

£10s John Chadwick, Josh Ryan and Linda Dunning

50 Club November

Posted by on Sat 6th November 2021
November 50 Club winners

£50 Les Dacre

£10s Neil Ret, Jonny Lyons and Steve Ord

Anyone wishing to join the 50 Club in time for the December £100 draw please contact Brian Mulholland on brian.mulholland@uwclub.net. Fifty per cent of the income goes to the Club’s development fund which has raised over £20.00 to date. With the new pavilion to be paid for all new comers are very welcome. The other fifty per cent is paid out to winners of the monthly draws.

50 Club October

Posted by on Fri 8th October 2021
50 Club October winners

£50 Derek Hussey

£10s Amy Henson, Kevin O’Donnell and Neil Royden

50 Club September

Posted by on Thu 7th October 2021
September 2021 50 Club winners

£50 David Brabham

£10s Patrick Ryan, Jonathan Rice and George Dare

50 Club August

Posted by on Fri 3rd September 2021
The winners of the August 50 Club draw were as follows:-

£50 Owen Edis

£10s Ginny Jenkins, Jean Harmon and Jenny Mulholland

Callum and Max Walk

Posted by on Tue 3rd August 2021
Callum Scott and Max Davies are walking from one home of cricket (Chorleywood) to the other home of cricket (Lords) on August 26th.

This is to raise money for the new pavilion and also part of their Cricket Leader course.

If you would like to donate then follow this link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/carol-scott19

New Website

Posted by on Mon 2nd August 2021
Some of you may know I built a new version of the this website a few years ago while I was between jobs. It was never quite 100% finished, but for most of what people need it is there.

You can try it out by clicking here or the link at the top of the page.

Let me know any ideas or feedback, or any issues.

50 Club July

Posted by on Mon 19th July 2021
July 50 Club winners

£50 Freddie Dare

£10 Owen Edis, Andrew Stothart and Andy Howard.



96 runsv Ruislip