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50 Club October and November

Posted by on Wed 16th November 2022
October 50 Club Winners

£50 Peter Smithson

£10s Nick Rice, Helen Smithson and Robin Webb

November 50 Club winners

£50 Natalie Hinds

£10s Joy King, Owen Edis and Terri Pinnock

Santa Dash - 10th December

Posted by on Mon 10th October 2022

All players, members, colts and parents, please sign up to take part in the Santa Dash. All funds raised go towards the new pavilion. For more information click on the flyer above

50 Club September

Posted by on Thu 29th September 2022
September 50 Club winners

£50 Gary Proctor

£10s Dave Atkins, Helen Smithson and Patrick Ryan

All time chases

Posted by on Mon 5th September 2022
Some timeline stats for you... click to view

50 Club July and August

Posted by on Sun 7th August 2022
July winners: £50 Rob Dunstone, £10s John Chadwick, Derek Hussey (twice)

August winners: £50 Sam Hatfield, £10s Ray shine, Joy King and Derek Hussey

Willow Tree

Posted by on Fri 8th July 2022

The Chorleywood Cricket Club’s new pavilion is well underway. It is clear to see that this is going to be an incredible facility for our cricket club members and it's due to open Autumn 2022.

As members of the club you will benefit from this exciting new building, including state of the art changing areas, a lift, fully equipped bar and catering facilities, a social hub for you and your fellow members and a club to be proud of.

Alongside all of this, the pavilion will also house the all year round 'Café on the Common' run by Mission EmployAble, which will be open 7 days a week. This wonderful charity supports young people with learning disabilities through their career journey to ensure they are fully prepared for the working world.

Whilst a good part of the funding is in place, we still need a final push to get our pavilion over the line and this is where we come to you for your help.

We are launching a wonderful project within the club house, The Willow Tree. A specially commissioned art installation for families, friends and supporters of Chorleywood Cricket Club to celebrate and donate with a dedicated leaf or larger bespoke item such as a cricket bat. If you are interested in dedicating a leaf or more - click here for more info

Golf Day - 14th September

Posted by on Sun 26th June 2022
Golf Day getting closer! Click here for more information

50 Club June

Posted by on Sun 26th June 2022
June 50 Club winners

£100 Jamie Smithson

£10s Andy Howard, Gary Proctor and Charles Hardcastle



912 runs
44 wickets
119 runsv Ruislip